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Wind farms are carefully planned at every stage of their life. In this part of our web site you can find out more about the technology that goes into every wind farm, how we construct them, what we do to make sure they stay operational and efficient and the importance of improving the local ecology around our wind farm projects.


After the wind farm is permitted, access to the grid is secured and all other cost elements have been carefully considered the construction work can start. FORAS has in-house expertise to oversee and manage project construction. Construction involves activities such as roadwork, underground cabling, foundation pouring, and turbine installation.

Concrete foundation for a WTG at Lista

The construction team has to prepare the site before starting the installation work. They build access roads and clear the areas where turbines later will be erected. They then prepare the foundations. For each wind turbine, you’ll need to excavate a hole and fill it with reinforced concrete to serve as a stabilizing foundation.  

The electrical wiring and systems has to be put in place and tests runs are done to ensure that all the elements are operating properly. It often takes several months before all the kinks are ironed out and the wind farm achieves full commercial production capacity. 

Lista Section of WTG tower approaching site
The wind turbine parts are manufactured and pre-assembled into the main components at the factory, then shipped to the wind farm site where the final assembly will take place.

A crane is used to erect the tower and install the nacelle and rotor with its hub and blades. On the ground, the electrical collection network is installed and connected to the grid through the substation.

Finally, the wind farm is tested before becoming fully operational.